May 1st Launch Party a Big Success!

“Now I understand” was the theme of yesterday’s party at Chop’s Teen Club in Santa Rosa, CA. Attendees “now understand” what our organization and programs are all about.
We began the presentation with a slideshow of our nation’s beautiful kids, then moved on to releasing the data-the answers to the 25 questions I asked kids all across the country last year. Next we explained the five health programs we have created for kids based on what they said they wanted and needed to learn in order to lead healthier lives. Lastly we unveiled out new name/logo/web site/and Facebook page.
We ended the day with a big thank you to everyone who believed in the non-profit since the beginning.
Pilot programs are in June and July, so now, we are fund raising. We do not charge kids to go through the programs, but they’re not free, so we need your help. It’s $580.00 for one child to go through the program and we would like to give a big thank you to Dr. Michael Lipelt for sponsoring the first child to get the ball rolling. Every donation is so important and the other funds donated yesterday are almost enough for the second child.
At DirectionFive, today begins our future. We are proud of our beginnings and confident in our ability to help our kids with their health. 


Patty and Tanya at Launch Party

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