DirectionFive is a Culinary and Nutrition Program for Kids

Our programs are based on in-depth interviews with kids from all walks of life, in thirty-five states. We listened to what the kids said they wanted and needed to learn in order to lead healthier, happier lives. We balanced their input with science and our experience. DirectionFive Culinary and Nutrition Program is a new model of health education inspired by kids, for kids. Learn More...
Food for Thought
Words of wisdom that inspire our program
"Tell me and I will forget, Show me and I will remember, Involve me and I will understand."
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"When kids are part of the process, they will be part of the solution."

More photos from Intersession

We had a great time with the kiddos-now D5 Student Chefs-at Sonoma Academy. Here are some really great photos!We have happy faces, faces looking at meat being cut up, faces eating some really bitter cardoon, proud faces and faces learning … Continue reading

Haley Whitley: Teacher Testimonial

Haley is one of our incredible Certified DirectionFive teachers. Here is her awesome testimonial about our new Members page. “As a certified DirectionFive teacher, I’m pleased to be part of such an amazing program. Being a teacher in Marin, it’s … Continue reading

Look up….

Do you see the new tab at the top of the page? Our Member’s site is now open! Many months creating this new offering, but it’s really five years in the making. When you’re a Member, you have access to … Continue reading

New Ways to Sign Up…

Here are two new ways to sign up for our Newsletter! Please sign up yourself and pass this along. Thanks! For a Text Sign-Up-Just send your email address by text message to: DIRECTIONFIVE at 22828 Or Scan:

We Aim to Please!

We always try our best (and almost always succeed) in making changes to our program/classes if we have a child in class who requires substitution of ingredients. If there is a peanut allergy, we’ll use almond butter in the recipe … Continue reading

Proctor Terrace begins

Hello parents and future DirectionFive students! We’re looking forward to meeting all of you this Friday! We’ll be making Minestrone Soup with a green salad and vinaigrette, then Autumn Drinks (a fun new class) and finally an Italian Scramble with … Continue reading

Your Immune System

Immune/Lymphatic System: The immune system is our body’s defense system against infections and diseases. Cells, tissues and organs work together to respond to dangerous organisms like viruses, fungi or bacteria that may enter the body from the environment. There are … Continue reading

Macaroni and Cheese

Well, it’s Macaroni and Cheese season and the kids love our recipe! Yes, it’s Mac and Cheese and shouldn’t be eaten often as it’s very rich, but our version offers four different veggies, which adds important nutrition to this comfort-food … Continue reading

A Nod to Visible Transitions

We like to acknowledge others who are working with our kids helping them to lead healthier lives. Janet Caliri from Visible Transitions will explain in her own words the work she does with kids: “Visible Transitions assists young people who … Continue reading

Minestrone Soup-Always a Favorite!

We have taught countless kids how to make our Minestrone Soup and it’s always a hit! Minestrone Soup with Farro Serves 8 2 cups canellini beans, cooked. You may use 1 15-ounce can 3 cups carrots, chopped 1 1/2 cups … Continue reading

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