A Nod to Visible Transitions

imgresWe like to acknowledge others who are working with our kids helping them to lead healthier lives. Janet Caliri from Visible Transitions will explain in her own words the work she does with kids:

“Visible Transitions assists young people who are challenged in life’s transitions. Founder, Janet Caliri, does this by using her photographic methodology to chart progress and turn an invisible story, visible. Weaving a tapestry, she intersperses coaching tools while documenting transformational moments embodying feelings, emotions and thoughts, forming a solid canvas. When immediate photographic evidence is visible, so is the bigger story. Confidence soars and gives the trauma a rest. (trauma arrest.) And then, a personal photographic journey of progress gives rise to tangible, measurable results. Within a few weeks, the child is already seeing a remarkable difference in the way they approach life.

For example, they are becoming more present, fostering self-understanding, compassion and empathy; developing a deeper trust in life and self-confidence.
There is significantly more ease in communication and decreased anxiety. Lastly, the kids identify their essential energy and sense of purpose

Studies show that youth learn and cope far better with hands-on activities and collaboration. Visible Transitions supports new neurons! Current research proves the growing brain has far more developmental possibilities than ever thought before. For example, the hippocampus is frequently making new neurons which are activated while learning. And learning is in the moment of capturing a value (an emotion, feeling or thought,) with a photograph. Noting the value supports the new neuron. Visible TransitionsTM trains the brain through visuals and clarifying values. It helps turn information into personally relevant knowledge.

To learn more about Janet Caliri and be part of Visible Transitions program, please contact Janet directly at janet@janetcaliri.com or 323.252.0963 or visit www.visibletransitions.com



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