Intersession at Sonoma Academy

We love our 8-day course with the kids at Sonoma Academy College Prep School in Santa Rosa every January. In this amount of time, we can teach them so many aspects of health, besides teaching them knife skills, safety and sanitation, and how to cook! They make 4-5 recipes per day and by the end of 8 days, they’re starting to feel confident, and when we ask, do you think this recipe needs something else?-instead of saying salt, which is the easy fix for many, they’ll add a splash of lemon, or will be talking about balanced flavors.

Needless to say, we are very proud of these kids and how much they learned. That, and we all had such fun!

We also want to thank La Tortilla Factory, Sonoma Cutlery, Tierra vegetables and Patisserie Angelica for the awesome field trips and in-class lessons. We appreciate you!

Dylan. Sonoma Cutlery

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